Chera dynasty

Learn about the cheras, a south indian dynasty that lasted for over 6 centuries and were constantly at war with the cholas and pandyas. Administration of chera dynasty has some reference in the shilappadikaram to the 'king's council' and the other 'five assemblies' the council. Who are the modern descendants of the chola , the chera and the pandya its said that the raja of pandalam belong to pandyan dynasty. The cheras were an ancient dravidian royal dynasty of tamil origin the first to establish an historical ruling dynasty in the area, they ruled wide-ranging areas. The cheras, cholas and pandyas were the three dynasties of the sangam period tamilakam ilango adigal, the author of the epic silappathikaram took up two.

chera dynasty Ancient indian history chera dynasty - learn ancient indian history starting from  study, geographical background of indian history, writing, sources of ancient.

This status is also related to the connection of pulayas with chera dynasty ( hence the name cheramar) the history of the pulaya community is. The early pandyan dynasty went into obscurity during the invasion of the states of the pandyan, chola and chera dynasties and establishing. Detailed information about the coin thirai cash (chera dynasty), kingdom of travancore, with pictures and collection and swap management : mintage,. The pandyan dynasty started out ruling from the city of korkai but in later times they moved the other two states were the chola and chera.

Megalithic culture maritime contacts sangam period tamilakam cheras ays ezhil malai. The cheras, were an ancient dravidian dynasty of tamil origin, who ruled parts of the present-day states of tamil nadu (kongu nadu) and kerala in india. The sheet anchor of sangam chronology lies in the fact that gajabhagu ii of sri lanka and cheran senguttuvan of the chera dynasty werecontemporaries.

In ancient times, the cera (chera) dynasty reigned over a small section of the southwestern coast of india known as the kingdom of kerala, one of the three. Find chera dynasty map with major cities and current country boundaries the kingdom of chera reigned over south india.

For the mythological stories about kerala, see kerala kingdom, for district of kuala lumpur, see cheras, kuala lumpur, the town in spain, see chera, valencia,. The chera dynasty (tamil: சேரர் malayalam: േചര ) was one of the ancient tamil dynasties who ruled the southern india from ancient times. Around 1 bc the region was ruled by the chera dynasty, which traded with the greeks, romans and arabs the tamil chera dynasty, ays and.

Chera dynasty, bow and arrow, flag of chera dynastysvg, the chera kings had the title villavar kon, the villavar clan founded the ancient. Pallava dynasty was a pastoral tribe who ruled the southern parts of india for chera dynasty, history of kerala wwwindianetzonecom322 × 331search by.

Amaravathi river bed close to karur, which was the seat of the chera dynasty during its heydays six varieties of sangam period chera coins were described. Uthiyan cheralathan, also known as perum chorru udiyan cheralathan and udiyanjeral is the first recorded chera ruler of the sangam period.

The tamil anthology `pathirruppattu', composed about 2,000 years ago, is a historical account of a number of tamil kings of the chera dynasty. Chera dynasty (270 ad to 1124 ad): chera dynasty was one of the powerful dynasties of south india most of the chera kingdom covers the present day kerala. Karur was ruled by the chola dynasty, the chera dynasty, the naickers, and the british successively there is proof that karur may have been the centre for old.

chera dynasty Ancient indian history chera dynasty - learn ancient indian history starting from  study, geographical background of indian history, writing, sources of ancient. Download
Chera dynasty
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